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Many people call themselves specialists. When I think of specialists I think of people with a narrowed focus who lose sight of the forest for the trees. "Specialists...tend to think in grooves" Elaine Morgan. Over my twenty-seven plus years of practice, I have represented solid people charged with unfortunate crimes. Presenting a case to a criminal jury has made me a better civil litigator. I represent injured people against insurance companies, employers and businesses. Presenting those cases to juries makes me a better family law attorney. Doing custody, divorce and child support cases in addition to many other areas of family law and collaborating with other attorneys through arbitration, mediation and trials has made me a better criminal and civil litigator. In two plus decades providing litigation services I have honed my trial skills and handled thousands of cases. So, I’ll leave the specialization to someone else because I’m proud to be the attorney your family can turn to for all of their legal needs for all of their life.



   I was born in Renton Washington and raised in Rockford, Illinois before pursuing my Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and Political Science at Augustana College in Rock Island, Illinois.

   Following graduation, I spent the next year pursuing my interest in Psychology and worked in a management program assisting adults with serious learning disabilities.

   In 1991, I applied and was accepted into several law schools, before finally settling on Northwestern School of Law of Lewis and Clark College. I graduated from law school in 1994.

   Out of law school, I started my own private practice before becoming a partner in the firm of Coggins Elsasser & Russell. In 1996, the firm became Elsasser & Russell and in early 1998, Stephens & Russell. Since 2003, after creating Russell Law Offices, I have continued to practice law with an emphasis in family law, criminal and civil litigation including products liability, premises liability, landlord-tenant law, real estate law and personal injury.

   I spent twelve years in the U.S. Army before retiring as a Staff Sergeant. I was on the Board of Directors of a Multi-Million Dollar Corporation beginning in 1994, and was the Chairman of the Board in 1997,1999 and up until its dissolution.

   I am licensed and have cases up and down the Oregon Coast and the Willamette Valley as well as in the Federal District Court for the State of Oregon. I have tried cases against many of the largest insurance defense firms as well as the U.S. Postal Service.

   In my personal life, I enjoy time with my family, reading, officiating football and baseball, volunteerism, camping, training for and running marathons and ultramarathons, international travel and checking off items on my bucket list.

Russell Law Office is centrally located in the heart of the Hollywood District. Being outside the downtown core means that my clients can enjoy free parking at all times. I am a full service "family" firm where I pride myself on being the attorney who represents grandparents, their children and their children’s children. I am primarily a referral based firm because my satisfied clients refer most of my new clients to me.

When you call you will speak to me. Always. My hands on approach sets me apart from larger offices where you can spend your valuable time listening to hold music or someone’s infomercial.

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